In Minsk, IT products for billions of users are created, complex technological and scientific problems are solved. Google and Facebook buy local startups, and big funds invest in them. Salaries in IT here are comparable to those in Europe. Moving to Minsk is easy and fast. Living is comfortable and inexpensive.

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In 2005, High Technology Park (Hi-Tech Park, HTP) was created in Belarus. It set out important conditions for IT firms. This resulted in the sector’s rapid growth.


Games, mobile apps, maps, messengers, project management systems, devices, fintech projects are born here, AR technologies are being developed.

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Major service companies (1,000—10,000 staff) complete projects for international brands. Belarusian IT’s key customers are from the EU and the USA.

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40+ large IT conferences are held in Minsk annually; meetups, meetings, workshops, hackathons—every day.

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Average salary of IT professionals in Belarus (2019) is $2,000. Nearly all companies offer a social package: health insurance, extra vacation days, reimbursement for English courses.

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Here, the comfort of a small European town meets the service level of a megacity. Monthly necessary expenses are 30% of the IT professionals’ net income at the most. Inexpensive housing, traffic jams are virtually non-existent.

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All the paperwork and arrangements considered, it can take 2 to 4 weeks. Companies help with relocation—even accommodation rental and minor everyday advice & tips,—pay for the move, often provide relocation bonuses.

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Everything about moving

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IT business is attracted to Minsk by tax breaks, transparent interaction with the state agencies, clear laws, a strong professional community.

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The last problem an IT company faces in the country is renting a good office downtown. Tech companies lap up almost all quality spaces.

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The fastest-growing and stable sector in the country’s economy. The local IT has gone virtually unaffected by crises. The vast majority of the market is export-driven.

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It takes 2 weeks and $12. Even brand-new IT companies that move to Minsk from other countries are entitled to the full range of benefits the HTP provides.

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“Minsk is evolving into a center of serious developments”

Eric Gundersen,
CEO of Mapbox

“Belarus is one of the world’s best places to realize your potential”

Viktor Prokopenya,
VP Capital