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Community. 2-3 bright IT events happen in Minsk daily

SPACE is a platform that unites IT-communities, companies and specialists.

Large conferences and intimate niche meetings, meetups and workshops, exchange of experience and pitchings, discussions and master classes, paid and free events. The city features many venues for IT experts’ training and communication.

Every year, Minsk hosts 40+ large conferences on programming languages, mobile development, testing, management, recruitment and IT business. They are held by both large local companies (in which case the events are often free) and independent teams/venues.

Examples of the largest, most popular and recurring events:

Programming languages




Management and analytics


Data Fest Minsk

Minsk IT community is represented by several dozens of events a week—to the most niche interest groups. On top of that, IT events take place in all the country’s major cities.

The most complete IT event calendar in Belarus.

The SPACE IT platform’s team annually compiles and updates the list of Minsk IT communities. In 2019, they counted more than 70 communities in Minsk, Grodno, Vitebsk and Brest. Here’s a map of these communities.

The most popular IT venues in Minsk:



The biggest media outlet covering IT in Belarus is the specialized news and big stories about local companies, working there, about programmers themselves. Country’s largest media also write about technology: and

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