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Belarusian universities are a source of amazing professionals highly regarded in the home country and around the globe. What is more, in 2019 the government and business community decided to give the country’s education a boost: it will soon be possible to take an interest-free loan for IT education  

17 faculties in Minsk and other Belarusian cities train IT pros. Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics is considered to be the country’s main IT university. According to their stats, 100% of graduates with state-funded education get a job in the sector. Laboratories and training centers of major companies have been established at universities and institutes: EPAM, Siemens, ZTE, Schneider, SK hynix. That said, it is these and other IT companies’ staff members who teach at universities.

Technical education in the country is currently a hot topic for discussion. There’s still a shortage of professionals: the fast-growing sector needs more graduates and more people from abroad.

In December 2019, President Alexander Lukashenko supported the idea of earmarking the Hi-Tech Park Fund’s money for education. HTP-resident IT companies transfer 1% of their revenue to this Fund; currently, this amounts to ~$15M annually. This money will enable Belarusians to take interest-free loans in local currency toward courses in IT-related specialties with a 2-year deferred repayment. Thus, it is planned to provide such loans to 30,000 people a year.

"Education for the future".

The HTP alone offers 160+ IT courses in 20 areas. Nearly 3,000 of their graduates have already found employment. For many, it is a great way to change their specialty, improve their career. This is an opportunity to gain new knowledge (if necessary) and land a good job for family members of the experts moving to Minsk to work in IT—the market is “hungry.”

In schools across the country, STEM classes are opened where children learn robotics, programming basics, AI. Minsk features dozens of IT courses for teenagers and children, paid and free.

Read this article to learn more about networking and educational IT events run by local communities daily.

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