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“Some of the available upsides can only be dreamed of in Moscow”

I hadn’t planned on moving. I worked in the music industry, lived in Moscow. And then came the Flo job offer. I liked the product and went to Minsk to talk to the team, feel the atmosphere at the office. I liked that employees are very involved personally in making the product and understand that it is used by specific people. I feel that way, too. The team is very professional and modern. The trip removed any shred of doubt—decided at the family council that we’re ready for change.

A month later, I, my husband and child got into the car, came here and immediately rented an apartment.

Places in Minsk are to be sought quickly and decided on right away: good options won’t be there for long. There’s seasonality, and as it turned out, we hit the highest season (September). Found several apartments remotely, agreed on coming and checking them out—and immediately moved into one of them. Perhaps a different season may give more time to pause and consider.

Certainly, there were all sorts of fears by and large, because we’d never been to Belarus before (had no time to see the city on the day of our first arrival—it was an ‘airport/office’ trip and back).

“But Minsk turned out to be about as we imagined it”

There are nuances concerning the availability of services compared to Moscow, but the overall household comfort level is similar. You can order anything online here. However, they won’t deliver it in 15 minutes, but the next day. All familiar taxi operators are represented, but there’s no fare for rides with a child seat. Such trifles make up household inconveniences, but you can generally have the living standard no worse than in Moscow. Restaurants, cafes are in abundance; you can easily find a nice place.

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The city is friendly, the people are more relaxed; some of the available upsides can only be dreamed of in Moscow. For instance: we rented an apartment that’s a 10-minute ride from the office—and is near a large water reservoir where you can swim at the same time. The way I see it, this borders on fantasy: access to nature plus no wasting two hours on driving. There’s lots of greenery in Minsk. I can cycle to work—the entire route passes through a park.

A feeling of relaxation is in the air, no such infrastructural congestion as in Moscow.

At the same time, there are places to go and things to do. 6 miles (10 km) is our farthest drive from Minsk so far, went to an awesome spa center—and a very inexpensive one at that by Moscow standards. It’s not like there are many sites for children’s entertainment in Minsk itself, but in our case, it is more than compensated by the beach with good facilities, a 5-minute walk from home. The kindergarten and school matters are solved simply if you have a rental contract for the apartment. Most landlords readily agree to this.

I am an easy-going person, don’t attach to a particular place—rather, I focus on the atmosphere and the available opportunities.

“Activity and development are felt in Minsk, and new people are coming here now”

I think the city will change and adapt to them infrastructurally. There are unique benefits not easily found in many cities. No traffic jams, developed private detached houses sector in the city—you can combine proximity to work with living in a house of your own.

Moving hasn’t been difficult beyond all reason, although it always comes with certain stress. The laws and customs, language, mentality here are quite similar. I’d say you more or less understand what’s going on around you.

You can live close to the office and to nature at the same time.
Plenty of greenery and parks in the city.
Minsk is safe, people are friendly.

The service sector is not as developed as in megacities.