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Data Analyst

Специализация: Data Science Уровень: middle Опыт: 3 лет Уровень английского: Upper intermediate
Размер команды: 3—5 Размер компании: 86

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data analysis

We're looking for a true Data Analysis geek to supercharge Railsware in making smart data-driven decisions for the business. The key aim of the position is to gather a lot of data from different sources, process it masterfully, and convert it to simple and useful insights for the team. We can promise that you won’t be bored here. The results of your work will be a valuable contribution to the development of our own products, clients’ solutions, and improvement of the company’s internal operations (like recruitment). We would really like to combine your strong expertise and freedom in coming up with ideas and their implementation. That's how we do it here, at Railsware.

Description of you

  • You have at least 2+ years of experience as a Data Analyst working with small-to-medium datasets on a wide range of contexts
  • You are always curious and ready to do deep research, interview the teams, detect and understand their needs for analysis
  • You can deliver your own solutions that will bring value to projects you’ll work on
  • You have successful cases related to managing data-driven projects independently, based on the business objectives
  • You value quality and simplicity and know when to simplify your solutions, or even make them self supportable
  • You are an easy-going, fast learner who is always ready to experiment with new concepts and tools

Your responsibilities

The major area of responsibility will be related to the data of our own products, company operations, and consultancy. The insights to be provided will cover various parts of the business including forecasting, team efficiency, user engagement, project progress, etc.

Some examples of the results we would like to see:

  • A system to keep the right balance between profits and losses (collect and process data from various sources, spot outliers in expenses, etc.)
  • Railsware products metrics monitor (MRR, LTV, Stickiness, Churn, etc.)
  • Research of sales and marketing: leads quality, geography, sources, conversion rates, etc.
  • Qualification of product early adopters to distinguish between one-person companies and huge businesses

Your skills

  • Extensive knowledge of SQL + Python / R, Javascript will be a plus
  • Strong background in Statistics and Probability theory
  • Good skills in the management of own tasks and projects independently, writing notes, project scope
  • Understanding of business needs
  • Hands-on experience in data visualization via reports and dashboards (e.g., Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, etc.)
  • Fluent English verbal and written communication skills – you must be able to explain data models, describe processes, and deliver data in an easy to understand manner for non-data savvy users
  • Skills in tuning data flows and setting up automations between various data sources 
  • Critical thinking
  • Attention to detail and a deep focus on the context
  • Proactiveness - this skill is must-have to work at Railsware :)

Would be a plus

  • Software product analysis experience would be a great plus
  • GitHub usage experience
  • Data infrastructure organization, monitoring and maintenance: managing ETL, writing tests for data analytics code, maintaining smart seed data and monitoring data consistency
  • Experience with Jupyter Notebook
  • Experience with Google AppsScript
  • Experience in GSheets or Excel, e.g. multiline array formulas, Query function
  • Experience in Machine Learning

About the company

Railsware is a product studio. Since 2007, we have shaped our own “know-how” in product creation. Among others, we have helped Calendly and BrightBytes turn from small startups into close-to-billion-dollar companies.

Railsware products are the next step in company evolution. We have applied the best product development practices to creating our own solutions. Today, Mailtrap, Coupler.io, and Smart Checklist for Jira have over 600K users and generate over $1M of annual recurring revenue.

People feel great here. On average, a Railswarian stays in the company for about 5 years. We support our team with outstanding benefits and remote working culture.

We look for people with high potential ready to evolve in multiple directions. The right hires shape a team of A-players to learn from each other and evolve together.

Railswarian’s Bonuses & Benefits


  • Work Locally or Remotely: You can work in the office or remotely from any location. Over the last few years, Railswarians have worked from different countries all around the world
  • You can work flexible hours that suit your local time
  • We have two comfortable offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Krakow, Poland:
    • Our offices are equipped with modern ergonomic chairs and standing desks
    • You can always find fresh food and drinks in our kitchen

Work Culture

  • A world-class team of T-shaped skilled professionals that share knowledge and support each other
  • Top-notch approaches that help us create outstanding products and provide great services both to our customers and to Railswarians
  • The culture of constant development that suits each Railswarian:
    • To stay competitive, we need to constantly learn new things. Railsware provides you an opportunity to visit professional conferences as a participant or a speaker and exchange knowledge with industry leaders
    • Flat company structure and ability to contribute to the company level responsibilities that you are passionate about, and grow beyond your role. You are the key driver of your personal growth and can evolve in a community of professionals
  • We don’t want to grow rapidly in terms of the number of people. Craft and quality are core principles for us. That’s why every hired person matters


  • Railsware offers a competitive remuneration
  • Yearly bonus and compensation depend on your contribution to company growth, personal development, productivity, and team’s feedback
  • As an additional financial help, we provide savings program and microcredits:
    • You can keep your money on the company accounts until you need them
    • Microcredits can be helpful when you need some additional cash


  • Thanks to our hardware policy, you are able to work with the best equipment and regularly update it
  • You have 34 paid time off days per year. There are 24 standards days and, as our team is distributed around multiple countries, you get 10 working days on top to cover public holidays (you choose when you want to take your PTO)
  • We cover sick leave, but we hope you won’t need it;)
  • Health policy budget will cover your private sports and healthcare expenses
  • Yearly trip: Every year Railsware organizes a company retreat for you and your partner to spend time with our whole distributed team together in one place. Our goal is to have fun and get to know each other better. We also discuss the company’s vision and work on our culture. In previous years, we visited amazing places like Austrian Alps, Crete (video), Italy (video), and Croatia

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Откликнуться на jobs.dev.by
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