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Senior Data Scientist / NLP

IHS Markit
Специализация: Data Science Уровень: senior Опыт: 5 лет Уровень английского: Upper intermediate
Размер команды: 6—8 Размер компании: 16000

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deep learning

About Us:

IHS Markit is a global information company that provides expertise, data and solutions to 50,000+ customers helping them in making more informed decisions. Our research and development center in Minsk focuses on creation of three intellectual platforms of IHS Markit related to engineering and manufacturing domains. This includes scalable cognitive engines that help users – engineers, innovators and researchers – to discover and leverage knowledge locked in corporate repositories as well as in industry sources.  

Our AI team in Minsk is looking for new talents for the role of Senior Data Scientist critical for success of projects related to Natural Language Processing, Data Capturing, Content Understanding and Information Retrieval domains. 

Your Role:

You will be responsible for research and development of intelligence behind natural language processing, content understanding and enrichment, and/or information retrieval solutions as part of IHS Markit products. Your role is needed to architect and implement intelligent content understanding pipelines from raw data to a structured knowledge, from user’s query to a deducted answer.  

Your duties will include: 

  • Converting business problems to data science tasks 

  • Defining and/or influencing the strategy of research-intensive projects, including goal metrics, development process, toolsets and communications for optimal progress 

  • Hands-on researching, experimenting, prototyping and building content understanding pipelines and working models as their components, including state of art neural architectures for NLP (and some Computer Vision) domain – model selection, pre-training, fine-tuning, optimization, etc. on latest GPU hardware 

  • Hunting for quality datasets, including driving the development of datasets from scratch  

  • Learning and sharing new things around AI, ML, NN, NLP to keep the AI team on the cutting edge 

  • Mentoring Junior Data Scientists ​

About You:

You are a data scientist experienced in building the working intelligent solutions related to analysis of unstructured content, who is motivated by complex and fuzzy challenges. Your required qualifications and experience include: 

  • Degree in data science, math & computer science, statistics or related field 

  • 4+ years of professional experience in data science, DL/ML with application to natural language processing  

  • Strong programming skills — Python 

  • Strong practical experience in building of own DL models with TensorFlow, Keras and/or PyTorch, etc. 

  • Solid understanding of statistics and math behind deep learning 

  • Strong experience with data analysis tools  

  • English language (B1+) 

The following will hugely increase our interest: 

  • PhD degree in related field 

  • Publications in related domain 

  • Developed skills in algorithms and data structures 

  • Linux user experience 

 What we offer:

  • Open and flexible work environment
  • Development of own deep learning architectures
  • Getting custom datasets from the team of professional annotators 
  • Training on powerful private GPU cloud
  • Research and application of state-of-art models
  • Development of own unique AI-driven products that work out-of-the-box and loved by world top companies
  • Great colleagues and open atmosphere at workplace
  • Knowledge and discoveries sharing inside and outside the team
  • Collaboration with a great team of ML professionals
  • Participation in international workshops and conferences
  • ‘Science Friday’ program for self-development
  • Continuous education with invited tutors and paid online programs 

 Employee benefits: 

  •  28 days of annual leave

  • Health insurance for you and family members

  • Business travel insurance

  • Employee stock program

  • Paid medical leave

  • 6 days-off in a year

  • Sport activities reimbursement

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